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Pet Tarantula - Care Guide by Seth Prezant Topic: Tarantula
Care sheet and guide for keeping tarantulas as pets. A step by step guide to owning and caring for arachnids.
Published: Tuesday 07 October, 2008
A Moment of Science by Seth Prezant Topic: Bugs in the Classroom
Science in the classroom and where America ranks in the world in Science and Math
Published: Monday 04 August, 2008
Kids Cheer for Rise in Gas Prices by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
Rising gas prices are causing more families to stay home and kids are enjoying the extra time with mom and dad.
Published: Friday 30 May, 2008
Love The Bug by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
Killing bugs. It's a multi-billion dollar a year business. Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and entomologist have created some very interesting ways to help us zap, squash, spray, trap, flush, sterilize, freeze, and fry bugs into oblivion. But recently, these professionals have been doing somet...
Published: Wednesday 07 May, 2008
No Child Left Inside by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
Forget "no child left behind". If you want your child to be healthy and wise make sure no child is left inside! The proof is in! Children with ADHD, asthma, and allergies to name a few, actually do very well when they get off the computer, away from video games, and get outside! What? You say they ...
Published: Wednesday 06 February, 2008
Look Mom, No Batteries! by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
Published: Wednesday 12 December, 2007
Webkinz Fever by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
What lessons does Webkinz really teach children? Can children learn about money and responsibility by going on to Webkinz World? How do children learn responsibility and how do parents teach it?
Published: Wednesday 07 November, 2007
Scared out of the woods! by Seth Prezant Topic: Parenting
Nature Deficit Disorder is a condition where nature is non-existent in a child’s personal experiences. Practically an entire generation has lost touch with nature. In a digital age, we have brought a child’s total experience of exploration and discovery indoors.
Published: Wednesday 05 September, 2007
WORMS ARE FUN! Recycling with Worms and Related Activities by Seth Prezant Topic: Bugs in the Classroom
How to build and maintain a vermi-compost worm bin
Published: Sunday 24 June, 2007
The Buzz by Seth Prezant Topic: Cicadas
17 year periodical Cicada
Published: Monday 21 May, 2007
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