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How It Works

Initial Visit

Bed bug infestations are highly unique. Only with a thorough in-person assessment by a certified Orkin bed bug expert can you determine the extent and source of the problem. Your Orkin Man will arrive at your scheduled time to perform a close-up inspection of the room where you’ve noticed the bed bugs – typically, this is the bedroom.

He’ll look closely at your mattresses, bedding, bed frame and other furniture, plus your curtains, picture frames, wall crevices and baseboards. Next, he’ll examine adjacent rooms and closets to track the spread of your infestation.

After the inspection, your Orkin Man will develop your customized treatment plan and begin treatment that same day.


Bed bug treatment is a multi-step process. Even professional bed bug specialists have little luck removing these pests during a single visit. The average Orkin customer will need 3-4 treatments.

Your Orkin specialist may use a number of techniques to treat for these pests, including traditional pesticide treatment and heat treatment. Your exact service will depend on your location and specific problem.

Follow Up and Ongoing Prevention

At your follow-up visits, your Orkin bed bug specialist will look for remaining bed bugs and apply treatment as needed. He’ll return until the visible signs of bed bugs are gone and you no longer experience the effects of their presence. Your Orkin specialist will also give you tips on the steps you can take to control your existing infestation and safeguard your home against future outbreaks.

Don’t battle bed bugs alone. Call Orkin today to learn about the highly effective bed bug treatments available in your area.

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Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so you’re more likely to spot one after sundown. They’re also very small – only 4 to 5 mm long – and spend most of their time in the cracks and crevices of your room, far from view.

But they do leave behind a few distinct signs that could be your only clues that you have a bed bug problem.

  • Bites. It sounds horrific, but bed bugs feed on human blood – at night – while you’re sleeping. You typically won’t feel it, but if you awake to red welts on your arms and legs and blood smears on your sheets, you may have bed bugs.
  • Droppings. Less frightening, but no more welcomed are their droppings. Bed bugs defecate where they hide, so look for black or brown mounds on hard surfaces, or black or brown stains on soft surfaces.
  • Skin Casings. Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, so empty skin casings are another strong indication bed bugs have infested your home.

If you’ve noticed these signs, but you’re still unsure if you have bed bugs, Orkin will gladly visit your home to confirm it. Call your local Orkin Man today to schedule your bed bug inspection. You’ll rest a whole lot easier – we guarantee it.

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