Smokybrown Cockroach

Quick Stats

  • Latin Name: Periplaneta fuliginosa
  • Size: Large in size, usually measuring from about 1-1.5 inches in length
  • Color: Uniform brownish-black coloration which gave the species its common name
  • Shape: Long and ovular, this species has two very long antennae that are not counted towards its overall size
  • Found in: Extremely common in the U.S., Smokybrown roaches are mostly found in Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana but as far East as North Carolina and as far north as Indiana.
  • Overview: The Smokybrown Cockroach, so named for its coloration, is an excellent flier and has a large set of wings to accommodate flights of several dozen feet at a time.

About Smokybrown Cockroaches

The Smokybrown Cockroach is often mistaken for the common American cockroach because of its similar shape and coloration. This species thrives in very moist, warm weather and is usually active in search of water. Because the pest gets dehydrated so easily it seeks out moist areas such as damp forest floors and moisture-ridden areas in homes. The Smokybrown roach easily makes its way indoors through cracks in siding or air vents and is often found in places where moisture issues are already a problem.

Smokybrown Cockroaches eat almost anything, from decaying plants to human food left in the garbage. The bugs usually go out in search of food between dusk and dawn – in many cases, however, when they’re seen by humans they’re often in search of water rather than food. Eggs take around 6-8 months to hatch and adult Smokybrowns live around the same amount of time.

Do You Have Smokybrown Cockroaches?

The easiest way to spot a Smokybrown cockroach infestation is to see the pests themselves. Other signs include burrow holes through rotten wood or food packaging. Since the bugs tend to nest in piles of mulch, rotting firewood, or garbage it’s imperative you keep these hiding spots away from your home to prevent bugs from getting in. Most cockroaches, in fact, find their way indoors through easily-preventable holes and gaps in foundations.

Think you may have Smokybrown cockroaches in or around your home? Your local pest professional can help you identify and eradicate an infestation and provide you with tips for prevention. Smokybrown cockroaches may respond to readily-available insecticides it’s usually difficult to take out an entire colony without knowing exactly where to look for residual roaches. That’s why it’s always best to bring in a pest pro if you have concerns about roaches in your area.

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