There are over 120,000 different species of flies spreading 100s of pathogens all over the world. Flies not only excrete bacteria, they carry it around on their wings and legs. It is easily transported from the trash to kitchen counters causing all sorts of diseases from food poisoning to typhoid fever. Flies can also damage crops and cause a disturbance to humans trying to enjoy the outdoors in the summer. Long sleeves and long pants should be worn when heading into an area with flies.

Some of the most frequently found types of flies in the United States are black flies, cluster flies, fruit flies and house flies. A typical adult fly lives less than a month and can usually be destroyed with a fly swatter. It is more difficult to control the fly’s offspring. Adult flies reproduce quickly and frequently with some species taking less than a week to go through egg, larva, pupal and adult stages. A pest control professional can assist in controlling a fly infestation in your home.

Black Flies bite during the day and have toxic saliva that can cause an allergic reaction in some. Female black flies are bloodsuckers.
Blow Flies are metallic in color and drawn to livestock and rotting meat.
Cluster Flies are known for staying in large groups. They prefer warm temperatures and spend the winters inside the attic.
Fruit Flies reproduce quickly and are commonly found on ripened fruits and vegetables.
House Flies are the most common fly to be found in the home. They are known to carry multiple diseases such as Salmonella.

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