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In addition to quarterly pest control plans, Terminix offers an array of specialized services to eliminate difficult invaders such as bed bugs and termites, and to strengthen your home against future pest infestations, moisture damage, and much more.

Reducing moisture and improving your home’s insulation may not seem like services your typical pest control company would offer. But over the years, the research team at Terminix has discovered that these things help fortify homes against pests and termites – not to mention high energy bills. Click on the links below to learn how specialized home and pest services from Terminix can help protect your investment.

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Termite solutions

Rodents, ants, roaches and fleas aren’t the only pests Terminix fights. For more than 80 years, Terminix pest control plans have been eradicating wood-destroying termites, a costly and dangerous nuisance. It’s where the name comes from and it’s one reason Terminix is the world leader in pest control. Terminix termite control plans attack termites where they originate: the colony. This speeds up extinction and increases your termite treatment’s effectiveness. By targeting the source of your termite problem, Terminix helps prevent subsequent infestations, protecting both your home and your wallet. Choose from a variety of termite control plans and call for your free termite evaluation today.

Bed bug solutions

If bed bugs are the issue, Terminix offers several of the latest bed bug treatments, including the carbon dioxide-based RapidFreeze® solution. This method is 100% non-toxic, and you’ll be bed bug free in no time. If you suspect bed bugs, give Terminix a call.

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Home and pest support services

Terminix services don’t stop at pest control plans. If you’re dealing with excess moisture, deteriorating insulation or damage-causing temperatures, Terminix can help with other home and pest support services.

Terminix Insulation Service Save precious heat and air – not to mention dollars – when you let Terminix repair holes or replace thinning insulation. In fact, healthy insulation can save you up to 20% on energy bills. And unlike most commercial insulation products, insulation from Terminix is designed to stop pests on contact, giving you added protection against unwanted critters.

Crawl Space and Ventilation Services – Properly ventilating your crawl space can not only prevent wood, pipe and floor damage, but it can eliminate the conditions that lead to pest problems. Bugs and termites love moisture and humidity, so keep them at bay with this new service from Terminix.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® Mosquito Solutions – Enjoy your backyard without the hassle of mosquitoes when you choose Terminix ALLCLEAR® mosquito control solutions. Select from four styles of at-home mister and repeller systems – each proven to significantly reduce mosquito populations – and fear itchy, disease-carrying bites no more.