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Strengthen your home against pests with Terminix support services

In addition to pest control plans, Terminix offers a variety of support services that strengthen and protect your home in the fight against pests. From healthy insulation to a well-ventilated crawl space, Terminix knows these small details help create a pest-free environment, and will also help protect the value and efficiency of your home.

Choose from insulation service, temp-vent control, vapor barriers, floor supports and the Terminix line of mosquito control solutions.

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Terminix Insulation Service

Save on energy bills and add an extra layer of protection to your pest control plan with insulation repair and replacement from Terminix. Your local Terminix pest control specialist will patch holes or install new insulation that is specially designed to ward off 11 kinds of pests.

  • FREE attic inspection to evaluate the health and quality of your insulation
  • Hole repair or new layering with the cellulose-based R-Plus Insulation System
  • Repels up to 11 types of pests
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Helps absorb sound
  • Backed by manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

Terminix Temp-Vent Service

Terminix’s Temp-Vent systems helps you fight pests and save on energy bills by regulating temperatures in your home’s crawl space. Automated vents open and close as the seasons change to help maintain one comfortable year-round temperature below your home. The extra ventilation also prevents excess moisture, which deters many household pests and prohibits the growth of wood-damaging fungi.

  • Protects pipes and base structure
  • Prohibits the growth of fungi
  • Backed by manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

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Vapor Barriers

Another way to reduce moisture in your crawl space is with vapor barriers. Terminix applies these 6 mil polyethylene sheets directly to the soil to stop ground moisture from evaporating and condensing on the structural wood of your home, causing it to rot and falter.

  • Strong barriers made from impervious polyethylene
  • Backed by lifetime product warranty

Floor supports

Temperature changes, moisture build-up and poor water drainage can weaken floors over time. But an advanced floor support system from Terminix can correct these issues adding years to the life of your floors.

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Existing building code-approved
  • Backed by lifetime product warranty

Terminix Mosquito Solutions

Create a comfortable backyard experience for your friends and family with monthly mosquito control services from Terminix. Choose from an extensive line of mosquito misters and repellers.

  • Safe, fast and effective mosquito control
  • Choose from a variety of treatment solutions, each offering a different level of control
  • Backed by the Terminix Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee