Other Pests

Earwigs are easily recognizable by the distinctively pincers on the end of their abdomen, earwigs can be a major household pest if left unchecked and are also blamed for a variety of crop damage.
European Earwigs are the most common species of earwig, this common household pest can be damaging to pantry goods and bother homeowners with it’s foul odor and pervasive manner.
Indian House Crickets are an invasive species from Asia, the Indian house cricket is familiar to most homeowners as a feeder insect for pets. It is also easily identified by it’s signature song.
Boxelder Bugs are a pest species of “true bug” the boxelder bug exclusively feeds on the boxelder tree, but can be an issue for homeowners because of it’s tendency to overwinter in human dwellings.
Clover Mites are tiny pest species best known for the distinctive reddish stain they leave behind when accidentally crushed.
Silverfish are one of the most uniquely identifiable pest species, the silverfish is known for it’s metallic body color and fish-like movements.
Cloths Moth are best known for the destruction of natural fiber clothing.
Webbing Cloths Moths are the most damaging species of cloths moth.
Indian Meal Moths are also known as the “grain moth” and attacks the dried goods of the home.
Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs are an invasive species known for their pervasive, easily identifiable stink.
Mosquitoes are a common pest familiar to most homeowners for it’s habit of feeding on human blood.
Cat Fleas are the most common type of flea in the world and the most significant flea species for domesticated pets such as cats and dogs.
Kudzu Bugs are an invasive species that gets it’s names from the kudzu plant on which it feeds, the kudzu bug also attacks crop species as well.
Western Conifer Seed Bugs are species of “true bug” that is exclusive to trees such as pine and ceder, this bug is often mistaken for stinkbugs or leaf-footed bugs.
Elm Root Borer is one of the largest species of beetle in the United States, the elm root borer feeds exclusively on the elm tree.
Scorpions are a predatory relation of the spider, this sometimes pest species best known for it’s curving, stinger tipped tail.
Bark Scorpions are a species of scorpion common to the southwestern part of the United States that is the most likely to invade human habitation.
Wood Ticks / Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks are a species best know for being the carrier or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
Wheat Weevils are one of the most significant weevil pest species that is responsible for a great deal of damage to stored grain.
Mealworms are the best known life-cycle stage of the mealworm beetle, this species is known as a food source for both pets, wild animals and even humans.

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